A Three-Phase Journey

EvangelismSHIFT is a three-phase, two-year journey of culture change as your church becomes a witnessing community

When your church embarks on the EvangelismSHIFT journey, two Facilitators will walk through that journey with you. All of our Facilitators are either members of our team who created EvangelismSHIFT or pastors of churches that have been deeply impacted by EvangelismSHIFT.

Changing a church’s culture, or a person’s culture, can’t be accomplished in a weekend seminar. That’s why EvangelismSHIFT is a two-year journey.

Phase 1

Living As A Witness

In Phase 1, the first year, two EvangelismSHIFT Facilitators work with your wider leadership community (pastors, elders, ministry leaders, small group leaders and all of these people’s spouses) to help them learn to live as effective witnesses in their everyday encounters and relationships. We do not focus on their ministry roles or on ministry strategy in Phase 1.

Leaders must become what they want to multiply in the wider church!

  • Principles and how-to from scripture are taught in six seminars (one every two months).
  • The new way of approaching life and relationships is built through the Live As A Witness journal (a full year soaking in scriptures that lead us into the witnessing lifestyle).
  • The model for what this looks like in everyday life lived in the secular world comes from the Ambushed by God book by Kelly Talamo, where each chapter tells the story of an encounter or relationship approached as a witness and what God did as a result.
  • Life change is cemented through Accountability Partnerships formed between fellow participants.

phase 2

Disciple-Making Pathway

In Phase 2, the second year, we take your core leadership (pastors and elders) through the SHIFTm2M study of Jesus’ approach to develop people all the way from unnconnected lost people to being multiplying fishers of men to help you develop your own disciple-making pathway that fits your church.

Jesus’ end goal for your church is outward, not inward!

  • In addition, we resource and guide the leaders who completed Phase 1 to pass on the witnessing lifestyle to the congregation.


A Multiplication Model

At the end of the two-year EvangelismSHIFT journey, It is our goal that there will be two of your leaders who will join our growing fellowship of Facilitators and say, “While we implement this disciplemaking pathway, we are willing to come with you once every two months to take another church on this same journey.” These two leaders will each go with one of their Facilitators to a different church, growing the movement!

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 4:19

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Find out WHY we need a shift in evangelism from just reaching the lost to prioritizing disciple-making.

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