Blogs & Articles

Occasionally we come across a blog or an article that shares a method or personal experience of someone who lived as a witness. Read some of the incredible stories and articles below to see ways that God uses ordinary people to further His Kingdom!

A Rare Prayer at Chicago O’Hare

The next time you miss your connecting flight, you might add to the list of possibilities that God’s got another connection in mind.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Disciple?

It probably takes longer than you think, at least if you intend to make them like Jesus did. The details might disturb you.

3 Keys to Creating a Relational Environment

Three primary areas of ongoing growth to be necessary for building a relational environment.

Discipleship Groups

Life2Life is a holistic disciple-making experience designed to help you learn how to effectively live as a witness for Jesus in your everyday encounters with people. As you move through Life2Life discipleship groups, you will be encouraged to take other believers on the Life2Life journey too.