Live As A Witness

Live as a Witness! is a daily devotional journal that will change your life. You want to live as a witness for Jesus as you go about your daily life, but the life of naturally representing Jesus flows out of a changed mindset. You need a new grid through which you approach your life.

As you start each day, for a year, with these devotionals, God’s word will renew your mind and transform your life. Journaling will take this way of life even deeper into your lifestyle.

This book is a tool God will use daily to build in you the lifestyle of someone who journeys naturally towards Jesus with those around you!

John North’s own Christian life has been radiacally changed by learning to live as a witness for Jesus. Now he finds great joy in helping others build this way of approaching life into their daily encounters with people. John’s love for God’s word comes out in everything he does, and Live as a Witness! is no exception.


Ambushed By God

Ambushed by God is a collection of true stories about a self-confessed “ordinary guy having some extraordinary experiences sharing the life of Christ with people.”

You too have a story. Hidden in those situations at work, at home or with family members are spiritual opportunities that God has divinely arranged especially for you.

Are you willing to be a player in God’s divine Ambush?

“Ambushed by God is a book you just can’t put down. This is one of the most creative products I have seen in a long time. Kelly Talamo has coupled his gift of Evangelism with his knack for storytelling to create an experience the reader will remember and enjoy for a long time. ” 


Discipleship Groups

Life2Life is a holistic disciple-making experience designed to help you learn how to effectively live as a witness for Jesus in your everyday encounters with people. As you move through Life2Life discipleship groups, you will be encouraged to take other believers on the Life2Life journey too.