What is unique about EvangelismSHIFT?

It was shaped by our own journey of learning to live as witnesses.

In 2011, a study was done of 200 churches that were about to embark on one form of evangelism training or another. Entire congregations were surveyed before, after, and six months after the training to determine their levels of evangelistic involvement. When we arrived at the conclusion of the study we were amazed at the result. No matter which form of evangelism training was done, within six months people were back to their pre-training levels of evangelism.

Since launching EvangelismSHIFT in 2016 in Australia and in 2019 in the USA we are shattering the results of that study in terms of long-term life change as believers become witnesses!

The following convictions have shaped EvangelismSHIFT’s approach:

Relatively few lost people will come to events at our churches, but our people are rubbing shoulders with hundreds of truly non-churched people every week.

We must activate our people as witnesses!

Acts 1:8

The pattern of Jesus and the Apostle Paul is to focus, not on the lost, but on activating and equipping believers as witnesses toward the lost in their lives.

We must focus more on preparing our people as witnesses!

Mark 1:17

We, as leaders, will not be able to activate our people as witnesses unless we are living as witnesses.

We must become what we want to multiply!

1 Corinthians 1:11

Rather than only helping lost people take the final step to faith in Christ…

We must focus our training on journeying towards Christ with people!

John 1:35-49

Church culture does not change overnight. It takes a sustained focus and a commitment over time by the leadership to create a witnessing culture!

We must commit to learn the witnessing culture!

2 Corinthians 5:16-20

Jesus is our model for the life of a witness and for developing others to live as witnesses.

All of our training must come directly out of Scripture!

2 Timothy 3:16-17

What is unique about EvangelismSHIFT?

It was shaped by our own journey of learning to live as witnesses.

Find out WHY we need a shift in evangelism from just reaching the lost to prioritizing disciple-making.


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